Print Smart

Created: 06/08/13
Last Edited: 06/08/13
Multiple print pieces for an internal corporate campaign.
  • At ADM we are participating in a project called the Print Smart Program. The goal is to reduce material consumption and printer use by making the audience more aware of the consequences of misuse. Bright colors and non-parallel lines along with modularized information gives this piece real stopping power
    in the corporate hallways.
  • One of the pieces needed for this project was a take-home piece that could be handed out during Print Smart demos. At first it was going to be some kind of folded brochure that included all of the information that the audience needed and had just heard in the demonstration.  Seeing as the goal of this project is to get the audience to be more thoughtful about printing, it seemed counter intuitive to us lots of printed material. The client was very accepting of my alternative idea to use a business card size printed piece that directs the audience to a website where all of the information can be accessed.
  • The rectangles used in the branding are a representation of pieces of copy paper.

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