Brochures & Newsletters

  • Canadian Institute of Forestry Meeting & Conference Program: 60-page program created for a conference in Kenora, Ontario. The design used close ups of trees/leaves to create visual interest and visual hierarchy while providing necessary information about the weekend-long event. (Created when freelance for Domtar.)
  • Pilates Solutions manual: Designed for a workshop for Pilates instructors, this manual needed to be clean and clear so the instructors can easily follow the movements and reference them later. The manual was spiral bound so it could lay flat when referencing during instruction and for durability. Photography: Michael Ibach
  • Vector Fleet Management newsletter: Quarterly employee communication to increase employee education and moral. 
  • Tower Plaza Neurology Migraine brochure: Many of TPN's patients suffer from migraines. This simple two-color brochure provides information in a clear way including information about what to avoid to alleviate symptoms. The brochure was designed to have the cover printed professionally and then the interior pages printed in office to keep costs down.
  • Tower Plaza Neurology Rack Card: When TPN opened, a rack card was created to promote the private practice to other doctor's offices to be made aware of other neurology options in the area.
  • AXA Equitable Retirement Strategies Brochure: When speaking to an audience about their financial future it's important to convey that the brokers are confident and trustworthy. That is why the AXA Equitable brand has its strong photographic style and color palette that makes the audience feel comfortable with the life decisions. (Created when on contract with AXA Equitable)