Presentations Magazine & Website Design

  • Page Layout, Web Design
    Professors: Cyndi Wiley, Ryan Musselman
  • This was a two-part project. The first part was to design a magazine cover, table of contents and 6-page article spread using Adobe Indesign CS5. Images and text were provided for this project by the Meredith Corporation. Demographics research was a necessary part of this project, affecting our color palette, typography, font size, and layout. My design was for a fictional food magazine called Presentations and was aimed at the 35-50 age demographic.

    The second half of this project was to create a website using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 to accompany the magazine we designed. We were required to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as well as HTML to create our website, and we were also required to use Adobe Flash CS5 to create an animated banner for our homepage. Images and articles shown on the webpages below were borrowed from various existing food websites (credits located in the screenshots). There is no live version of the website.
  • Magazine Cover, Table of Contents, and Spreads:
    Website (Homepage, Recipes Page and Member Join Page):