Predix Website Redesign

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    Predix Website Redesign
  • This was one of my first professional pieces of work in web design. The company I was working for recently merged with two others (Predix being one of them) to form Better Learning Systems. I was asked if I would take the lead on redesigning their website. The only requirement from the client was to design it for WordPress implementation. This was my first time design a site for WordPress, and with help fron an in-house web developer, we got this site up and running. 

    I wanted to make to make the site simple and easy to navigate. The main purpose of the site was to provide the company with a blog that its customers and potential clients could read. The site's previous design did not provide a clear understanding of what the company was, and what it was to offer. That became my focus in clearly delivering that message to the user.

    Visit the live site @
  • The color scheme was based around the company's original logo which featured blues and oranges. The logo seen here was added after the announcement of the merger; it was designed to match the other partnered companies.