Pratt Resource - Digital Design Project

Created: 06/28/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
As an SGA initiative we decided to reach out to students it would be great to have an online resource that students can go to for information. Pratt Resource is a website that hubs everything of or relating to your studies at Pratt from campus information to where to get art supplies. *Currently website is under construction but can be visited here :
  • Pratt Resource
    An initiative to branch all departments across campus by having one source to obtain information. The project for digital design class was to explore this and I am continuing to work on the website.
  • NAS Song "I Can" for background music *
  • NAS Song "One Mic" for background music manipulated to be "One Source"
  • A variety of logos using the Pratt 'P' to represent different parts of the community.
    *Note this is a concept and has not been used.

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