Potboiler Podcast Network

Created: 01/12/13
Last Edited: 01/13/13
Small re-design for the Potboiler Podcast Network.
  • Potboiler Podcast Network is a local podcast network that aims to ' take a step backwards into the future with our vintage, so hip audio format.' The network includes many shows that cover a variety of subjects, so I created a word mark and system to unify them without making them too bland. 
  • The logomark exsits as an induvidual mark and as a flag atop the pre-exsisting artwork for each induvidual show. The flag needed to be able to fit in with a variety of styles and text treatments for shows ranging from music to gaming to politics. 
  • Color pallete and custom stripe pattern for use across web and printed media. 
  • The network exsists almost entirely online. Along with their home website, PPN employs Facebook and Tumblr. 

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