Posters/ Flyers

  • This is a flyer I was commissioned to do for the local nightclub SOM. The gem like dodecahedron-esqe shape is an original graphic I created for the event.  
  • This flyer was created completely crafted from cardboard and photographed in my studio.
  • This monthly informational poster is design for a nightclub event in Saint Louis, MO. called Urban Renewal, a weekly event. Looking at 80's coloring books for inspiration I created this like an activity page. The performers for that month were hand written inside the crossword with markers.
  • This is another flyer for SOM nightclub I created, located in the heart of the Mission District, along the several of the variant prints, that were distributed both online and in person.
  • This is another promotional poster for the MIdwestern club night Urban Renewal. The inspiration for using everyone's' favorite cephalopod the octopus, was that a DJ can be such a quick and smooth mixer that it could be almost as if they have more than two arms, like our eight legged friend here.
  • For this SOM flyer, I was exploring the idea of abstract, transparent patterning.
  • This was the flyer I created for a social experiment in Chicago, Il. I wanted to create a positive, and potentially inspiring, voice messaging service. I created and put these flyers around town to inspire people to leave messages about their thoughts on inspiration. After enough messages were collected the way the service worked is that the caller would leave a message, followed by the playing back of a previous message that was left on the service by a previous participant.
  • This was a flyer I created for a local, disco, club night named Go BANG!. The inspiration for this flyer is from snap tight model airplane and  car kits. Font wise I was trying to keep a very 70's linotype kind of look.