Poster Hero's_Evolution

Created: 04/18/13
Last Edited: 12/23/13
For this poster my idea stems from Darwin's theory of evolution and how the structures we build reflect what is important to us as a society. So in essence the things we build reflect our society and will effect public life.

In evolving our cities we need to be conscious of how we build and where we build. I think the key to building a smart city is to build smarter. We need to be conscious of our materials, how we use our man power, and energy in order to survive.

To build a smart city we need to continue to evolve our practices and that is what this poster represents. As a society we have adapted to changes met our needs. But at this time I feel like our needs are changing. There is a bigger push to be more efficient in our actions and for the lack of a better term "be greener".

So this poster isn't really a call to action or a mandate to do something that will make for a smart city. It is an open ended question, a more philosophical approach to this brief. I looked at what we have accomplished and put that out for people to see. And I ask what will be next?

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