Poster Designs: Shakespeare

  • Poster Designs: Shakespeare   

  • These posters were done as a design exploration. I recently saw a performance of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors on thought it would be fun to design a silk screen poster for this play. It progressed on to a second poster design for King Lear.
  • Poster for Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare. Its a play about two sets of twins (master and servant) who were separated at birth. One set of twins (master and servant) land in the city of the other set and they quickly become mistaken for the each other by the other residents of the city. Much hilarity ensues.... Had a bit of fun with language for this 3-color, 18x24" poster design.
  • Poster for King Lear by William Shakespeare. This play is about an old king who decides to split his kingdom up among his three daughters based upon his flattery. One daughter speaks honestly and is disinherited. The king soon slides into madness and raves out in the storm. Of course, the ending is tragic. This is intended to be a 4-color silkscreen at 18x24".