Post-Structuralist Book

  • Post-Structuralist Book
    I was inspired to create this piece upon reading the essay The Death of the Author written by Roland Barthes, who was a French literary theorist, critic, philosopher, and semiotician who explored many concepts involving post-structuralist theory. Barthes explained in this essay that every text, or book, is eternally written in the present not by the author, but by the reader. The reader imposes his or her own meaning upon the text each and every time it is read.
    Conceptually, this piece is about the weaving and fragmentation of different texts. It is an interactive piece, in which the reader can literally construct and create their own story from fragments of previously written texts. The piece contains the writing of Samuel Beckett, a famous postmodern writer. I decided to use Beckett’s Texts For Nothing, a series of short stories which fit perfectly to this piece conceptually.
    I decided to use old library cardfiles to set the type upon, which conceptually reinforces the unification and fragmentation of many different voices, cultures, and texts. The author of these twelve stories, Beckett, is nowhere to be found, speaking to the post-structuralist notion of the author being irrelevant, and knowing who the author is forces an implied meaning and interpretation when reading a work.