Possum Crossing Website Concepts

  • These are website comps that I did for a restaurant client in Florida. I am posting these to show my thought process on a project. The top two images are the designs that I felt best suited my client's needs. The other comps are included to show the variety of looks I was considering before I decided on the final feel. 

    Possum Crossing wanted an old fashioned, classy, Southern feel for their site. The images and illustrations I used all tie into that theme. Magnolia blossoms, sweet tea, and a big shady tree under a clear sky filled with birds all are strong Southern images. The tabs at the top of the page are shaped like the tabs in a Southern style cookbook. I imagined the photographs in the center of the page would flutter like a summer clothes line. I wanted a light, airy feel to the site since Possum Crossing wanted to be more of an upscale, themed dining establishment rather than a simple country kitchen.