Positive Feedback | Degree Project

  • Positive Feedback
    Degree Project, RISD Graphic Design 2012
  • For my degree project, I chose to design a program that would work in concert with the Rhode Island Food Bank to reduce food insecurity in Providence. Many programs are in place around the world to help the homeless, but people often tend to forget about the people who are below the poverty line, but not homeless. There is a large percentage of the population who can't afford to make ends meet or feed their families, even though they have multiple jobs and roofs over their heads.

    Positive Feedback works to even the playing field, and to empower people on all sides of the community to work together, to reciprocate, and to eliminate shame. Positive Feedback is not about accepting or giving charity, it is about working together to give back, giving everyone an opportunity to participate, giving everyone access to food and basic necessities.

    To view more images of the project, or to view process and development, go to my portfolio page.