Portfolio 2013

  • My name is Lee Jacob Hilado.Senior student of Hostos Community College, taking Digital Design and Animation.  My Dream job is to work at advertsing company and to be a well known artist. My hobby is to draw and illustration from my imagination. My passion for art become more intense since I switch my major in Digital Design and Animation. Art become my part of my life and this will be my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. This will be my livinbg for now on until I get old.
  • My article is about Margaret Cho "Fuck You Karl Lagerfeld and your fucking glass. This is all about weight issue because Karl criticizes Adele for being fat and that make Margaret Cho mad.

    My concept is to create an action that delivers emotion and attention to the article. I decide to make Margaret Cho jumping onto Karl Lagerfeld so that it will bring tension between the characters and also it will suite to the personality of Margaret Cho. For Karl Lagerfeld I choose iconic stand to destroy his image.
    I add Margaret Cho to my background and place them like wall and floor. I also change the color of every each one of Margaret Cho face so that will create a Pop art style to my piece.
  • This is my poster for Paint-A-ton an Art Club activities in Hostos Community College. I illustrate the 3 three ladies in the picture using spray paint and ink pen on a Bristol paper. Also the typography that I used is made from piece of my art that has different texture and shape. By the use of Photoshop I mask the font Impact with my illustration to have different kind design to the font.  I carefully crop the 3 ladies by the use of Photoshop and post it along with my new typography. The event went well and most of the student like this poster.
  • This is another poster for the Art contest. In this project the library department and Art club collaborate to promote the Escriba Magazine. I decided to create Eugueno Maria Hostos with little pieces of Escriba words. I patiently build up his face and create texture of his head as a good campaign for the Escriba Magazine. I also download QR codes beside Hostos to enable all students to have access to the contest. I carefully manage all the important detail like rules, submission deadline, and prices. I put the color red to the Art contest because red catch attention.
  • This is a packaging design for an herbal tea called Spirit tea. My concept of this packaging design is that everyone can drink and enjoy the smooth taste of Spirit tea. I base spirit tea with religion because for me spirit is what we are and spirit can be any color, gender, or nationality. In my illustration I showed that everyone has one common is that we love to drink spirit tea. Each of character is base on the religion around the world. For instance, Roman Catholic, Buddhist, Jew, Mormons, Muslim and more. I choose color green because that is the first thing people would know about tea and also I think this perfect color for the packaging.  I put different symbol of the religion as the background along the leaf of the tea.
  • This is my MTA art transit illustration. In this compositionI I emphasize the hair of the woman with train along its different color. It's color define the train lines and number of the subway system. I want to represent New York with delightful color and creative nature happening inside the train. Each strand of the hair was made of train cart which are twisted and curve to form a texture and shape.
  • This is my book cover called Spirit in the Bootle. I used a old fashion style for my project to make the book looks likes from another era. I used light and dark green color to bring out the sahde of the book and this give some effects to the ground and background of the image. My character is a small look alike jelly fish with a lot of tentacles. I make the creatures crying because the story is base on how the cretaures got away from the bottles. I use shaded dot make texture and shade to the trees and bottle. I also used an old style font to make it made from london. 
  • These two pictures are advertising project for Pencil of Promise in One club boot camp. Pencil of Promise is a non-profit organization that builds school to Guatemala, Nigeria, and Laos. My team has an idea to make a book to catch attention of the people and gain their interest to donate in this organization rather than other organization.   My task is to make a book mark and book cover jacket. I used Indesign program to equally align each space of the letter and Illustration to make a interesting book mark that incorporate with color of the Pencil of promise foundation
  • This is a poster that promotes travel and concert. I used the WPA as my primary style of design along with silhouette of the people.  I used the mountain as the stage for the rock plus adding some stereo that gives a context to the environment and I limited the color into 5 (blue, white, green, orange and brown). I used the typography font linkin park as the title of the poster. 
  • This is my advertisement animation of Sierra tea. I used flash animation to produce a grainy outcome of the tea cup and also the smoke. I want to emphasize the cup and the Sierra tea logo by slowly appearing to the scene along with nature sound. I use klavika font and color red and green because they a complimentary color. This project was done with Introduction of motion graphic and color theory on promoting product by color and animation
  • This is my internship Round Midnight by Summer Mc Clinton. On this video she demonstrates how she made skateboard using hand painted acrylic color. I help her to edit the whole video using after effects and Imovie. I create a motion graphic at the start  and the end of the video and also I make the whole video in a fast track motion. I think it hand painted skateboard are more marketable than printed one, especially when people see how the whole process was done and also this kind of skate board are not for playing this is high quality skateboard use for decoration in this house and also a Collectable items. At the end summer sold this skateboard at ebay at the cost of $150 each.