The Art Institute of NYC
  • For the Spring of 2011's Portfolio Review Show at The Art Institute of NYC I came up with two different concepts and proposals.
    For this first one, I decided to go for a collage composition, which I patiently put together, with a retro/vintage style.
    It is composed of some good 50 layers or so. The color scheme was carefully thought and balanced out. Typography was all hand done.
    For the concept, I created this "engine" that illustrates the majors for this show: Graphic, Video, Web and Fashion Design. I substituted the attendee's head with this device and since it it held during the Spring season I added some touches of color to it and flowers.
  • For the second concept, whose idea actually belongs to my girlfriend, was to create all this box-head stick figures and just one of them kicking his box head to the stars: he's the only only one thinking "outside of the box".
    All type was hand done, except for typography on the left side of the page.