Created: 06/07/12
Last Edited: 08/22/14
Last minute project specially hand-crafted for Valentine’s Day.

Love is what makes us bigger.

This project was originally out on the 14th, featuring only the first couple. I decided to republish it after having worked on more characters and landscape elements.

It has been sketched for a while and I was planning to make it all digitally. However, my studio routine has been pretty hectic, and I am having less and less time to dedicate to personal work. Before I knew it, I had less than 24 hours for Valentine’s Day, and I had to do it quickly in order not to miss the date.

Although the project as presented mainly shows a particular kind of affection, I wanted to celebrate all kinds of Love.

The original plan was to make many more characters and to make them interchangeable, so that I could mix and match all kinds of people: geisha with an astronaut, native American with an Eskimo, Russian with a Thai, and so on.

I even wrote a poem to go with it, but it would only make sense if I had managed to work on the original concept. Luckily, I was listening to the Beatles whilst working and then I once more hit by those great words by Paul McCartney and found them just perfect to replace my poem (I hope he won’t mind).

All was done within 48 hours, including the extra characters, landscape elements and photography. The lack of time to refine the cardboard or to add colour to it resulted in a very raw set of elements, but I believe that it works well, for now I believe that if it were too perfect it wouldn’t be love.

The title (Collide) refers to that very moment when we are the conqueror and the conquered at the same time. That special moment when you have no other choice but giving in to the feelings.

Hope you’ll like it.

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    Thank you for your appreciation,
    Warm hugs.

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