Playtime DVD Packaging

  • DVD Packaging
    Playtime by Jacques Tati
  • I chose to take another stab at the Criterion packaging for Playtime by Jacques Tati. Below you will find my original attempt at the redesign as a sophomore, and my most recent design as a senior looking back at projects we wish we would have done better.

    To improve the packaging, I chose to focus more on the futuristic elements of the film as well as capture the playfulness. I feel as though my original design was much too immature, it was my first attempt at using the pen tool, and did not capture the playful, yet sophisticated, edge of the film. My newest design capture the topsy-turvy essence of the 60s version of futuristic Paris, while maintaining a modern and sophisticated aesthetic through the use of stills from the movie.

    Brief Overlook: For this project we were to design a new DVD package for the Criterion Collection's Eclipse line that focuses on producing budget-priced, high quality editions of hard-to-find films for young audiences.
  • FRESH LOOK: spine and front cover
  • FRESH LOOK: spine and back cover
  • FRESH LOOK: poster for the film
  • FRESH LOOK: booklet to accompany the DVD
  • ORIGINAL: back cover, spine, front cover, and flap of packaging
  • ORIGINAL: inside of packaging