Pigs in the CIty

  • Pigs in the CIty
    Poster, HTML eblast, T-Shirt
  • The American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) Kiss-a-Pig Campaign, now in its 18th year in Savannah, is a contest between community leaders to raise money. At the end of the contest, the winning team or individual kisses a live pig, honored by ADA as the original source of insulin. My objective was to design a campaign theme to help promote awareness about diabetes and the work of (ADA), as well as to raise money to fund the mission of the organization. The primary audience is community leaders to raise awareness of the fundraiser and the secondary audience is regular members of the community to enjoy the event. My design concept was to not show the pigs entire body or face. Rather I wanted to create images that hinted at the pig and made the viewer look closer to see what was really there. The concept shows the flirty leg of a pig coming into the picture and has a garter around the upper thigh. I wanted to use subtle pig imagery to create memorable, funny, and simple images.