Pierre Koenig: Living With Steel

  • Pierre Koenig unites nature and architecture through his homes. And in order to do so he uses open floor plans and strong structural beams. For my typeface choices I chose Gotham becuase of its strong shapes and forms which are similar to the steel beams and Chaparral Pro because of its organic and human feel as well as its sturdy serifs. I chose the color orange because Koenig uses orange to create contrast when his homes are decorated and it worked really well with all the blue in the photography. For the way I handled the type, I really wanted to emphasize the union between nature and architecture. So throughout the book I connect type together by overlapping it with other text and images. Even though Koenig used harsh and bold materials, his houses never seem to be cold or uncomfortable. Instead they felt welcoming and natural and that is what I tried to show in my book by using large imagery paired with small elegant type.