Pier One Sumo Postcards

  • Pier One Sumo Postcards
    Three sumo postcard mailers for Pier One with a shared back
  • The assignment was to create a series of three oversized postcards that would be used as mailers for Pier One Imports. I was required to use photography, but I also wanted to create some other fun illustrative elements. I also wanted to create a catch phrase that would encompass what Pier One stood for. I decided on 'the world brought to your door.' Because you think of them as a place to get slightly exotic home furnishings, I wanted that to come across in both the language and imagery. The backgrounds are made up of many layers and images, but the base is scrapbooking paper I bought that had the feel of vintage travel, more so in the second card than the others. The back was actually the hardest to design because it had to be grayscale and abide by post office regulations.
  • My Japanese inspired one with the pottery with the cherry blossoms and the parasols.
  • This card is my comfy and funky bohemian card, Pier One did make their start selling papasan chairs, the true hippy furniture of choice.
  • This was my ode to wicker. Because the indelible image I have from shopping at Pier One with my mom is the profusion of whicker. So here's a solution as to what to do if you have too much wicker.
  • The back, up to postal regulations and printing criteria.