Pie Palooza

Created: 05/20/12
Last Edited: 08/04/13
REAP Food Group's Pie Palooza. A photoshoot celebrating pie.
  • REAP Food Group's Pie Palooza
    Ad series
  • This project is an ad series for the REAP Food Group's Pie Palooza event. The event is all about the community coming together to enjoy pie while supporting REAP's programs which promote the inclusion of healthy, local, sustainably grown foods in schools, restaurants, food stores and home kitchens. My goal was for this series to feel homespun as a compliment to REAP's focus on natural & organic food—which meant having to learn to make a pie crust. I shot roughly 12 variations, including shots with butcher paper, various fruits, and variations on typography, but it wasn't until I exposed the wood underneath that this final shot came together. An outdoor ad was a requirement of the project but I didn't feel a billboard was appropriate for this organization or this neighborhood based event. As an alternative I conceived a mural advertisement which would be contracted to be painted on a local cafe's graffiti wall which rotates monthly. The cafe is in the neighborhood where the event takes place and is on a busy street with both heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
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  •  Direct Mail Postcard
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  • Outdoor Ad

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