Piatto Noodle Bar

Created: 05/14/12
Last Edited: 01/10/13
Restaurant Branding Project
  • piatto
  • This project was the final assignment for my Environmental Design class in the Spring of 2012. We were first asked to bring in various objects which our professor helped us narrow down. I eventually settled on noodles, specifically the farfalle (bow tie), cellantini, and ravioli shapes. From there, I drew each noodle in scientific detail at various angles and selected my favorites of the drawings. I then slowly broke the shapes down to lights and darks while imbuing the overall line aesthetic with energy and silliness. The result were three distinct icons for noodles which I then combined into an annual report cover for a restaurant I made up called Piatto, Italian for "dish." Finally, I created a restaurant front, restroom doors, to-go bags, and a menu for the fictional, but highly realistic restaurant. See everything at my website: allitreen.com. 
  • Annual Report Cover
  • Restaurant Front
  • Restroom Doors: Women (L), Men (R)
  • Menu: Cover (L) & Inside (R)
  • Take-Out Bags
  • Initial Sketches

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