Physicians for Peace Mailer

Created: 08/30/13
Last Edited: 08/31/13
Physicians for Peace is an organization that trains, supports and collaborates with healthcare professionals providing much needed healthcare to the world’s underdeveloped countries and their residents. The organization sends physicians to underdeveloped countries to help train local doctors and to provide free medical procedures to the impoverished. The main objective of this direct mail campaign was to create a striking direct mailer piece that immediately educated the audience on the global need for these provided healthcare services, make an emotional connection with that audience, and then directly ask for donations to help support Physicians for Peace and their mission and global vision. Through this need, the concept of “Reaching Out” was quickly created and established as the creative direction and strategy of the campaign, as it directly applied to the needs of the patients, the needs of the participating physicians and to the needs of Physicians for Peace as an organization.

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2008 Silver ADDY Award, Charlotte, Direct Mail
2008 Silver International Davey Award, Direct Mail


Physicians for Peace, Advertiser & Client
Lyerly Agency, Ad Agency

This work was created in collaboration with other team members while I was Senior Art Director at Lyerly Agency.
  • Detail view of one of the panels created for the Physicians for Peace "Reaching Out" direct mail campaign.
  • Full view above of the outer envelope and front cover created for the Reaching Out direct mail campaign.
  • Full view of the interior first flap created for the Reaching Out direct mail campaign.
  • Full views of the interior second flap, personal ask letter, tear off reply card and reply envelope created for this direct mail piece.
  • Full views of the interior spread created for the Reaching Out mailer.

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