Photoshop Work/Image Editing

Created: 09/18/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Images edited in Photoshop for personal, student, and client projects.
  • Animated GIF banner, 2011.

    (To view the full clip from the beginning, you may need to reload the page.)
  • Image created for mix-disc artwork, 2005.
  • Before and after. The tricky parts were removing that ugly grill above the band's heads, and swapping out the drummer's Nikes for another band member's boots.

    Original photo by Jeff McKeown.
  • Black-and-white photo colorized in Photoshop, 2007.
  • Before and after.

    I had to guess as to the color of the furniture, carpeting, and the clothes I was wearing. Fortunately, I was able to locate the TV Guide cover online; it was the February 15, 1964 issue, featuring "Mr. and Mrs. Andy Williams" (Andy Williams and Claudine Longet) on the cover.

    Original photo by my mom.
  • Polaroid collage created in Photoshop, 2008. Original size: 36" x 12".
  • Photoshop composite, 2009.
  • A postcard prototype for my friend Vincent's unrealized film project; Photoshop composite/collage, 2007.

    Original photographs by Kevin J. O'Conner and Vincent Booth; additional images provided by Vincent Booth.
  • Photoshop composite/collage, 2009.
  • Photoshop collage, 2009.
  • Visual journal entry; Photoshop collage, April 2010.
  • Photoshop collage used for background of Dreaming Montana cover, 2012.

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