Photography Slider Guide

Created: 09/28/11
Last Edited: 05/28/13
Created a compact photography slider as a guide to help myself become a more skilled and efficient photographer.

  • Photography Slider Guide    
    Product/Industrial Design
  • I created this personal project as a guide to help myself become a more skilled and efficient photographer.  Lighting, shutter speeds, apertures, and ISO speeds are very important in determining how to produce a successful photograph. Each time I go out and take photographs I can put this in my purse or back pocket and use it as a reference. This compact design is meant to easily show what specific manual setting is needed within the context a user is working in. 

    My concept revolves around street photography which is fluid, rapid, and unexpected. I was inspired by forms of transportation such as the subway systems and pedestrian walking markers, which are both represented through bright yellow lines. I incorporated street icons such as arrows, lines, circles and stripes, which are common in metropolitan areas. By using common street colors such as yellow, red, black, and grey, I can convey an urban environment in my piece. 

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