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Created: 04/12/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Various items designed for the Toronto leg of the “China's Renowned Photographers Focus on China” 60 Years Photo Exhibition.
  • “China’s Renowned Photographers Focus on China 60 years” photo exhibition
    Invitation card and exhibition hall entrance
  • Project year: 2010
    In-house project at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto

    This was a touring exhibition of old photographs taken by photojournalists (the exhibited photos were all enlarged reprints), and it happened that they chose my workplace for holding the show in their Toronto leg of the tour. A book that included all the exhibited photos had been published and the book was also being sold during the exhibition.

    The project included the design of the invitation card, the entrance to the exhibition hall, and the back wall of the exhibition hall. Web icons and a simple bilingual web page were also created.

    The cover of the book that bears the same name as the exhibition provided the basis of the design of the front of the invitation card. A high-resolution scan of this photograph was provided by the exhibitor.

    The black-and-white image of photojournalists was provided by the exhibitor.
    The logotype of the exhibition was scanned from the book cover; design of the entrance area was limited to the arrangement of the various logotypes and images.
  • The cover of the invitation card, a deliberate attempt to mimic the cover of the book that was sold during the exhibition
  • In my opinion a vertical layout was the most natural way to tie the various elements together
  • This is how the wall was supposed to look like as originally planned
  • The actual result: The first line was missing due to a lack of time

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