Phoenixville Signage

Created: 01/19/13
Last Edited: 01/19/13
Signage and wayfinding for Phoenixville, PA.
  • Conceptual student project in two parts. The project served as a near real-world experience while still a student. Working with a liason, site visits and meetings introduced us to the city of Phoenixville, PA and its unique history and future.
    Part I: Individual designs. Combining the city's rich history as an iron and steel town with an artistic boom in recent years led to a system with a great deal of overall simplicity, but many unique details. Selections from the drain grates are mixed with the city's modern bridge.
    Part II: Group designs. The edgy, artistic culture was tackled with a set of signs designed to be break-formed and leave no waste. The signs were designed as artistic pieces in their own right, but also with space for images of local artist work to be applied.

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