Phil's Wallets Poster

Created: 10/01/13
Last Edited: 03/06/14
This was a poster design for Phil's Wallets company. He wanted a hand-crafted styled poster that presented the company ethos.
  • Old-Time Craftsmanship
    Phil’s Wallets is a small, recycled leather wallet operation in sunny Florida. He makes all of his wallets by hand the old-fashioned way, and ships them out in small batches to his customers. One of the hallmarks of Phil’s company is his old-world, yet internet-savvy approach to not only his wallets, but also his typographic posters. It’s a style that both Phil and his customers appreciate. I was tasked with coming up for a legible and exciting typographic design in this poster for his website and shop.
  • The design centered around accenting key pieces of information on the poster, and – much like Phil's wallets – giving the audience a hand-crafted experience.

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