Philosophical Exploration of Time

  • Philosophical Exploration of Time
    The concept of this piece deals with philosophical theories of time, and is specifically based upon the writings of St. Augustine, who said that past, present, and future are equally real. The multiple transparent layers speak to this notion of time as a continuum. The numbers are set in a counter-clockwise fashion, while the basic structure rotates clockwise with the progression of each month, speaking to this non-hierarchal philosophy of time.
    The numbers are composed of small circles, with line elements framing the structure of the numbers. This is based on the theory of time as the fourth-dimension: a dimension composed of particles and light beams. Color is used to further reinforce the process of time, cycling the color wheel in temperature. January starts as blue-green, while August is red-orange. These colors are the strongest temperature contrasts on the color wheel, used for the coldest and warmest months respectively.
    The calendar is printed on Gilbert white translucent stock, which has a subtle circular dot pattern, speaking to and reinforcing the numbers formed of circles. The calendar layers are designed to be backlit, so one can see the blending of the levels of color, forming a beautiful texture and sense of depth, looking into this fourth-dimension, through time forward or backward.