• This contains random various work...
  • This is a gallery of random personal work that I have done over my time at Michigan State University. It is a ever-growing library so make sure you come back and check it out.
  •     This is a representation of me and the world of advertising
  •     "Go Green, Go White" using MSU Brand Standards
  • This is a face illustration of myself. This illustrates the use of the pen tool and live paint features on Adobe Illustrator.
  •     "Living in Color"
  • Logo for Cedar Run Family Medicine Center.

    I used two very classic and favorite fonts of mine; Garamond and Fruitiger Light. The tree coming out of the R has a double meaning. It first is representative of the cedar part of the title. Secondly, it signifies health and wellbeing. The tree is arching to the left to provide balance in the logo. I placed the Family Medicine Center above to provide balance to logo.
  • Artwork made for the Erin Madden
  •     Logo design for Taylor Benson's Blog: Everyday By Tay  http://bit.ly/edbtay