Personal Identity Package

Created: 06/09/12
Last Edited: 11/22/12
My personal logotype and associated identity package.
  • Personal Identity

  • A logo and personal identity package I made for myself. This identity came to me very quickly, and I was able to get over 90% of it fleshed out in the same day. I was feeling a lot of momentum!

    I wanted a simple logotype with a nice color palette, something that gave a kind of hint as to who I was as a designer. The two squares create a white negative space in their overlap, but it's not clear which is on top. The crisp corners are meant to evoke raw pixels, like it might have come from an old-school video game. Or maybe it's a pair of thumbs and forefingers, setting up a composition.

    The white space in the middle of the business card is left so I can write down my phone number or other contact or important information directly on the card, without giving out my number to anyone who comes across it. I did leave my number and address on the letterhead; if someone is receiving letterhead, then I don't mind them having my home address.

    I'm a huge fan of Adrian Frutiger, so I chose his Univers 47 for the type.
  • Standalone logotype.
  • Pieces of the identity package gathered together: letterhead, business card front, business card back, and envelope.
  • Front side of the business card. The wide white space in the center allows me to write in my contact info for whoever I give the card, whether it's a phone number, mailing address, or the time and place of our next meeting. It also lets me control who can call me, and whether I want to give them my work or personal information.
  • The back of the business card, featuring just the logo.
  • The color palette for this project at the top. I left the style guide open to use different color combinations in the logo in the future. I need to discuss it with the printers, but I'm strongly considering using the cream color as the paper color for the materials. It makes sense, and it would trim down 40% of these color combinations to an even dozen.

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