Personal Branding

Created: 04/01/13
Last Edited: 09/04/13
Highlights of the my personal brand through business card, thank-you note and envelope seal
  • Discovering your personal brand is always going to be a difficult feat. It has to be something that you'll be able to love for a long time, and implement over a variety of mediums.
    My inspiration came while wandering through the vast aisles of a craft store (you can't leave me in there for too long, or I'll never leave). I purchased a set of twelve 1in X 1 in ink pads. When I returned home, I started imprinting the different colors and seeing what  creations I came up with.
    The outcome of the impressed inkpad was different every time, and really intrigued me. The implementation of this feel into my personal brand reflects the juxtaposition of my playful personality and my type A organization. You can see these two factors at work together through the logo itself, typography and color palette.
  • Thank You note die cut folder by Paper Presentation
  • Custom printed Thank You cards by Capital Imaging
  • business card
  • thank-you note cover: made with stencil with ink impression
  • highly textured paper to compliment the feel of the brand
  • envelope seal

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