Pelotonia 12

Created: 03/25/12
Last Edited: 10/02/13
Pelotonia is an annual cycling event that donates 100% of every dollar raised to innovative and life-saving cancer research at The James--The Ohio State University's premier cancer hospital and research institute. More than a fundraiser, the event transcends on an emotional level for the community, the participants and patients alike. Base Art Co. has had the great pleasure of being Pelotonia's brand partner, providing design support on all things--from yard signs and water bottles to jerseys and billboards. One Goal. Ride Pelotonia. End Cancer.
  • Pelotonia 12
  • This annual bike ride for acause gives 100% of every dollar raised by riders to cancer research. Since 2009, Base has helped the nonprofitdevelop highly efficient, high-touch marketing that keeps costs down and keeps supporterengagement up.

    Making the most of everyeffort
    Whether it’s a yard sign, a riding jersey, or a rich web experiencethat allows riders to raise money through their own personal fundraising pages,we focus on maximizing the reach and impact of each communication. It’s aboutensuring every effort put into marketing works as hard as it can—so as manyresources as possible can go directly to the heart of Pelotonia’s cause.

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