• Pearlene
    Graphic and Identity Design

    Working over several years with Cincinnati’s blues rock juggernauts,Pearlene, I’ve had the opportunity to develop a full range of marketingand merchandise materials. Their powerful sound (along with some of theexpected rock machismo) sparked the concept of a bull as a repeatingicon. Another identity features a tongue-tied dapper gentleman who canonly utter one word, and a variety of  posters—bothscreen-printed anddigitally output—were created to reflect their dirty blues grit.
  • 2009, 11" x 17", 2-color screen-printed poster
  • This poster was produced to announce a performance in which Pearlenewould be joined by several other local musician friends. The concept ofgroup baptism relates to their Southern blues sound and the influenceof peers. The stars  align to form a “dipper”–a pun on the notion ofbaptism.
  • 2009, 11" x 17", digitally printed poster