Peanut Butter Packaging

Created: 02/25/13
Last Edited: 03/07/13
Packaging design project for color theory
  • For Color theory, we were asked to design two seperate packages for one chosen food item. One had to be a bargain brand, while the other was to be a high-end brand.
  • Bargain Brand
  • Bargain Brand In Contex
  • For the bargain brand, I chose to use a typical peanut butter container as the base. I chose to use a bright orange color to give the essence of inexpensive. The bright colors of the package were to grasp attention against other products on the shelf.  I also decided to use a piece of bread with some parts cut out to simulate the peanut butter as it would be on the bread.  This was used to bring more originality and attention to the product.
  • High-End Brand
  • High-End Brand In Context
  • For my high-end brand, I chose to use a similar color palette as the bargain brand, with minor adjustments. I used saturated yellows, oranges, and reds to give consumers the sense that the product is rich in flavor.  The dark brown was used to give a feel of an elegance to the product.  I chose to use the green, to give the sense that the peanut butter is organic.  The image was also used to convey this message of natural and organic.
  • Photography compliments of Alex Lafferty

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