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  • Parking iPhone App
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  • Description
    Kari is collaborating with a developer to transform the API developed by Greg Tracy into a user-friendly iPhone app. Currently, the information is being sent via SMS to those who query the database. We're hoping to develop this app into a substantial, helpful tool that can make those 20 minute hunts for parking in downtown Madison a thing of the past.

    These are the original rough sketches for the project.
    We are still tweaking the interface to make it as simple and wonderful as possible. ​​​

    1. The home screen shows an overview of availability for each of the downtown lots. The color code and large numbers show the percent of availability so users can easily see open lots.
    2. When a lot is selected—either directly from the map or the home screen—the information about the pricing and payment options for the lot is clearly laid out for quick reference. When special event parking prices are in effect, a purple corner tag will appear next to the lot name so users know to avoid those lots if they don't want to pay the flat-rate parking fee.
    3. The map shows users all the parking lots available in their vicinity using their GPS location. This can be accessed through the "Nearby" button at the bottom of the screen, by pressing and holding the name of the lot on the home screen, or by clicking on the navigation button next to the name of the lot on the lot info screen.
    4. "Favorites" will be a way for users to easily save and access their frequently used or preferred lots.
    5. More features (such as sorting the lot listing by various priorities) will be added after we launch the initial app, gain access to more data and test the app over time.