Paradise Awaits: Bask Tanning Visual Treatment

Created: 11/22/12
Last Edited: 10/26/13
New visual treatment for Bask Tanning Products
  • Paradise is not far away.

    When Performance Brands came to the agency looking for a new look for their line of Bask Tanning Products, the team quickly got to work at delivering visual treatments to be used in their Ad Campaign for the new year. In an industry that seemingly relies on scantily clad women as the backbone of their ad campaigns, I took a different approach that focuses on the product — all the while delivering a mood that sends the consumer to a far away island paradise where the sun shines bright every day, the crystal clear water gently washes onto the shore as they bask in the rays of the sun...showing off their perfect tan, given to them by Bask Tanning Products.


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