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    Watercolors & Painted Drawings
  • It’s ironic that watercolor has the reputation of being the hardest painting medium and yet its one of the most undervalued artistic mediums. I never really considered myself a painter until I got to college where I had the chance to learn from some truly masterful teachers. Painting for me is all about capturing light and texture. Watercolor has an added bonus in that it combines well with pencil and ink line work which for me makes it ideal as an illustration medium.

    Except where noted, these were all student projects.
  • Watercolor Paintings
  • Apocalipstick Now
  • Do You See What I See?
  • Objects of My Reflection
  • River Rocks
  • Death Cultured
  • A Winning Life
  • Illustration
  • Illustration In Context
  • The Fish That Swim In My Head
  • Full Spread Illustration
  • First Spot Illustration
  • Second Spot Illustration
  • First Spread With Full Spread Illustration
  • Second Spread With Spot Illustrations
  • Painting For Linda & Robert Shillito (Personal)