Packaging: UP & OUT

Created: 01/14/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Shoe packaging for a fictitious organization that promotes community activism.
  • UP & OUT
  • For this packaging project, I created an organization whose purpose is to get people more involved in their community, whether through volunteer work, politics, etc, and to support people who are trying to act on behalf of their community. I decided to make shoes the product, because evoke the idea of being outside or being active, rather than sitting on the couch. The shape of the boxes is a literal translation of the idea of up and out, and it is also an innovative shape that shoppers would notice right away.
  • The UP & OUT mark and signature
  • Due to the thickness of the cardboard box, the tab snaps into place and doesn't move. It does not require any additional parts in order to remain closed.

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