Created: 05/29/12
Last Edited: 11/18/13
Packaging Series, Double Truck Ads & Commercial, 2012-2013
  • Speks • Packaging Series and Double Truck Ads, 2012
    Packaging: This packaging series features the pencil company, Speks. The design of the logo is very flexible, color wise. The featured series demonstrates the logo in orange, blue, green and purple. Other colors include yellow and pink. The elements of the package design are based of off cigarette packaging, such as the template and the simple graphics.
    Double Truck Ads: These double truck ads are to go with the Speks packaging. They feature the company’s position on children’s education, showing that they are willing to help with the needs of students. The student    age range is very open, from kindergarten to college. The ads are set in a classroom, showing how the pencils are a great school supply for every student
  • Logo
  • Color Variations
  • Templates
  • Package Mock-Ups
  • Double Truck Ad 1
  • Double Truck Ad 2
  • Double Truck Ad 3
  • Commerical (2013)

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