Primary Elements: Naming | Logo | Branding | Packaging

  • Primary Elements

    Fresh, modern, spa product packaging, targeting both men and women. Comprised of four foundational product lines, based on the four classical elements — Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

    Concept and execution for the 57th annual NPA (National Paperbox Association) Folding Carton packaging competition – Spa Promotion Products. Competition specs: Unisex take-home spa promotion packages, allowing spa clientele to continue the health and beauty experience at home with a deluxe gift pack, displaying a minimum of 3 product lines. 

    Naming  |  Logo & Brand Identity  |  Packaging & Materials 

    Shown are logo, gift set box exterior and interior, as well as primary container and box for individual Warming Herbal Massage Creme product (part of the Fire product line).

  • Primary container for Warming Herbal Massage Creme, part of the Fire product line.

  • Gift set packaging (left), and primary container and box for individual massage creme (right).

  • Gift set packaging interior, displaying samples from each of the 4 product lines.