Primary Elements: Naming | Logo | Branding | Packaging

  • Concept and execution for 57th annual NPA (National Paperbox Association) Folding Carton packaging competition – Spa Promotion Products. Competition specs: Unisex take-home spa promotion packages, allowing spa clientele to continue the health and beauty experience at home with a deluxe gift pack, displaying a minimum of 3 product lines. 

    Primary Elements: Naming, brand identity, logo, packaging and materials. Fresh, modern, spa product packaging, targeting both men and women. Comprised of 4 foundational product lines, based on the 4 classical elements — fire, water, earth, and air. 

    Shown are logo, gift set box exterior and interior, as well as primary container and box for individual Warming Herbal Massage Creme product (part of the Fire product line).
  • Primary container for Warming Herbal Massage Creme, part of the Fire product line.
  • Gift set packaging (left), and primary container and box for individual massage creme (right).
  • Gift set packaging interior, displaying samples from each of the 4 product lines.