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  • Best Signal Wireless: Cell Ranger

    Boost Your Bars!

    Wherever life takes you... maximize your wireless signal. Cell Ranger actively measures and analyzes reception and signal conditions, and adjusts the amplification to ensure optimum cell phone signal.

    Best Signal Wireless came to us with an existing logo and visual identity system that did not accurately reflect the premium nature of their Cell Ranger product line. With bright colors and busy graphics, the packaging conveyed a lower price point and a lower quality product. They were in need of a redesign, and tasked us with coming up with a more appropriate solution.

    I created a new logo and brand identity system that was more streamlined, using minimal graphics and typefaces that were a better fit for the tech industry. It also featured a simple color palette of sleek black, some silver and white, and a pop of orange to grab attention. 

    After the client selected my design, they began marketing the product line to retail stores, and it immediately generated interest from Apple and Walmart, who both requested exclusive packaging editions to drive sales in their stores. I then created the secondary packaging with an alternate color palette of predominantly white and lime green for a distinct, fresh look.

    Logo  |  Brand Identity  |  Package Design

    Shown are primary and secondary logos, primary packaging and mechanical, as well as lime green exclusive edition logo and packaging, specifically created for Apple retail stores.

  • Primary Packaging.

  • Primary packaging mechanical.

  • Secondary, exclusive edition packaging for Apple retail stores.