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  • ADAM cologne  

    My goal for ADAM men’s cologne was to create a masculine, elegant brand identity that was modern, but not trendy. To create a minimalist expression with classic elements, I chose basic geometric shapes, a limited color palette, and a wooden cap. For the logo, I chose a clean, timeless typeface, where each of the four letterforms is symmetrical across one axis. 

    The Adam name and the red apple within the A was selected to convey masculinity in its most pure, fundamental form, referencing the first man in the creation myth story of Adam and Eve. The red apple, in addition to adding a small pop of color for visual interest, also alludes to intrigue and temptation, hinting at the cologne’s provocative, seductive irresistibility. 

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    Shown are the logo over white and black backgrounds, package design and materials for the primary container and setup box.