Pac-Man Binaca Commercial

  • Pac-Man Binaca Advertisement

    The complete commercial for our Advertising Design Final. Created with illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, and animated with Adobe Fireworks and edited with Apple iMovie.

    Our group decided for our final project, a video commercial, we would use the retro concept of Pac-Man in combination with the breath spray Binaca for a clever and humorous commercial concept. Scroll below the video to view some screen capture highlights.
  • ¬© Made by Candace Barnett, Lisa Worden, and Jeremy Higuchi, 2010.
    Disclaimer: We do not own Pac-Man, Ms. Pacman, or Binaca.
  • Pac-Man falls in love.
  • Unfortunately his breath isn't so charming.
  • Miss Pac-Man is not won over.
  • Game Over! Until Binaca comes along, to save the day, that is!