Created: 11/28/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
This is a series of candid photos I took of my friend Vincent Ray Booth in June 2007.

Vince was a guy full of ideas; he was forever taking notes (and lots of them!) and thinking out loud about whatever project (and there were many) was on his mind at the time.

During the course of his life, he was an artist, screenwriter, aspiring filmmaker, musician, and teacher, as well as a kind and generous friend.

Unfortunately, during the last few years of his life, Vince experienced a number of health problems and personal difficulties; consequently, he was never able to bring his ambitions to fruition.

At the time these photos were taken, it seemed that things were just starting to turn around for him. He was about to move into a new apartment, and he was planning what he intended to be the first documentary shot entirely on a cell phone.

Sadly, things instead took a turn for the worse. Within a few months, his inner demons had become the dominant force in his life; after February 2008, I would not see him again. Vincent died in April 2010.

Because of the circumstances under which I shot them, many of these photos contain flaws, whether technical or compositional. (Some of my initial processing choices did not help any.) Hopefully, they convey enough about their subject to overcome these flaws.
  • POV #1
  • POV #3
  • POV #5
  • POV #9
  • POV #12
  • POV #16
  • POV #20
  • POV #27
  • POV #29
  • POV #39
  • POV #52
  • POV #65
  • POV #69
  • POV #73
  • POV #76
  • POV #77
  • POV #79

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