P.Berkbigler Motion Graphics

  • Animated Trailer for There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

    This animation is a collaboration between Jeremy Holmes (who provided all the imagery) and myself (generating the motion graphics and sound effects) to promote the release of his adaptation of There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly by Chronicle Books.

    Art Direction & Illustration: Jeremy Holmes / Mutt Ink
    Music: Tin Hat Trio
  • Concordia University (Nebraska) Promotional Montage

    This moving photomontage features a four minute glimpse into multiple facets of the
    Concordia University experience and community set to high energy music. This montage was originally screened at a major national Lutheran youth conference as a mainstage advertisement for Concordia, but remains in use by the university as a promotional segment in student recruitment and as part of on-campus identity promotion.

    Client: Concordia University, Nebraska
    Type of Business: Lutheran University
    Art Direction: Karen Chittick, Paul Berkbigler & Coryn Berkbigler
    Design: Paul Berkbigler & Karen Chittick
    Motion Design: Paul Berkbigler
    Photography: Dan Oetting
    Copywriting: Coryn Berkbigler
    Music: Daylight
    by Remedy Drive