Organic Valley Body Organic Kit

Created: 09/13/10
Last Edited: 12/04/12
A brochure kit sent out to health industry influentials across the country to raise awareness and educate consumers about the benefits of organic food and farming.
  • Organic Valley
    Body Organic Health Kit
  • If you aren’t already familiar with the quality products made by the farmers of Organic Valley, you should run to your nearest grocery store right now. Producing everything from organic cheeses and meats, to milk and fresh produce, Organic Valley has been a leader in the sustainable food movement for over two decades. As a truly farmer-owned cooperative, growing from coast to coast, and still keeping things local with regional pools, they're continually raising the bar for sustainable food and organic farming. They also happen to be a dream client.

    Farmer-Owned ::

    This piece is part of an ongoing Organic Valley Educational Series.

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