• Orbis
  • The main objective was to update a childhood game to make it more enjoyable for adults to play. There are a couple of issues when transforming a childhood game into an adult game. They take up too much room with large game boards and you easily get bored after a few minutes. I chose to redesign the worldwide classic game, “Chutes and Ladders”.

    I achieved the main objective and solved the issues through two ways. The first was by redesigning the game board. My goal was to have the game board be adjustable to fit any size of a tabletop. I was inspired by how window blinds operate and I combined that with the use of tension which allowed the board size to easily be adjusted. The new board design allowed me to make the entire game self-contained for easy traveling and storage.

    The second objective was achieved through the actually playing the game. The colored maker discs are changeable allowing each game played not to be the same as the previous. When redesigning “Chutes and Ladders” I found it fitting to rebrand the name to “orbis” which is Latin for circle and perfect for a game that uses 
circular pieces.

    College Work: Fort Hays State University