Open Mic Night

  • Open Mic Night
  • This was an open mic night poster that I did for ENMU. 

    Usually with an Open Mic Night poster there is an old fashion mic dramatically lit on a stage. I wanted to make a play on words about what an open mic night is. So I Illustrated a Building that is the shape of a Classic Mic. Took me about a month to come up with the concept and I am very proud of it.
  • I was tired of seeing the standard Open Mic Night posters and I was really wanting to make a completely typographic poster. 
  • The 3rd Open Mic Night Poster that I have done for ENMU. 

    I am a collector of RayGun Magazine and a huge fan of David Carson, this lead me to experiment in a grunge style. I was at a point where I felt all of my work had gotten too clean and I needed to explore different styles.