Onyx Micro-site Design

  • View the live micro-site here: http://www.barona.com/onyx/dang/

  • This is one of my favorite projects. This one project enabled us to take the development of these micro-sites in-house as opposed to farming the work out to our vendors and my role in this was instrumental.

    With my knowledge in HTML and Flash, I was more than confident that we could produce these micro-sites using our in-house resources. After brainstorming some pretty exciting ideas with my colleagues Scott Malech and David Walters, I wasn't quite happy about having to hand this project over to a vendor that may or may not produce our vision effectively. I proposed that we build the site ourselves and continue the process in-house. I was given the support I needed by my art director Shannon Murphy despite the opposition of others and we were given the green light to go ahead and build it out. Through the brainstorm process, an initial look and feel was created by Scott Malech. I would later refine the look and feel and create the page layouts for the site.

    Since this was our first in-house microsite, I recruited the talents of my colleague David Walters to do the heavy lifting on the motion graphics that would be needed for the site. This allowed me to focus most of my energies on the functionality of the site itself. Dave was able to create some wonderful animated elements that I was able to include in the Flash-based site. The project was completed with time to spare and was a smashing success in the eyes of our department and our client. I would later go on to create and produce seven more micro-sites within the next 12 months while taking on the motion graphics and Flash design and HTML build all by myself.

    By taking these projects in-house , it altered our working process with our client and enabled us to become more responsive to their needs and I take great pride in being the catalyst for this change.