One Straw Farm – Farmers App

Created: 08/31/12
Last Edited: 10/10/12
A team project to design an app for One Straw Farm.

Worked on with Abby Cook, Valerie LeMire, and Nico Nittoli.
  • One Straw Farm – Farmers App
    UMBC 434 Team Project
    Team Members: Abby Cook, Iris Kwok, Valerie LeMire, Nico Nittoli
  • This was a team project to create app designs for our client, One Straw Farm. Our class was divided to work on two different apps. One for the customers of the farm's CSA program. The second app was the one my group worked on for the owner. It would be used by the CEO and employees of the farm to keep track of crops, keep records, have references for pests and diseases, organize distribution of produce, etc.

    We worked closely with the client during the entire project and did research, like talking to the employees and learning the process of how the farm operated, in order to determine their specific needs.
    Further along the process, we also did card sorting, usability testing, and created personas and scenarios.
  • Farmer App Development Book
  • The scenario I worked on was that the user wanted to create a new CSA pickup stop and record the produce distributed there in order to base future produce on those records.
    The style and aesthetics was created in collaboration with my teammates.
  • After finishing the class, I decided to revisit the project as an exercise to create a different style for the interface. This personal version has brighter colors that not only incorporate red and yellow from the One Straw Farm logo, but also increase contrast, taking in account that the app would often be used outside in bright sunlight. 
    The style is more simple but easier to read and better organized with more effective use of space. 

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